In 1993, a group of us consisting predominantly of business and professional people, some of whom serving politicians of the time, decided to join forces to work for a better future for Hong Kong. For this very meaningful purpose, we founded the Liberal Party. Our vision was to build a caring society that would create wealth by maintaining the values of a free market. We also set out to protect the freedom and lifestyle of the Hong Kong people.

During the last 10 years, we have worked hard in serving the community according to our values and beliefs by participating actively in various forms of social and political services, whether it is through elections to representative bodies such as district councils or the Legislature, or through appointments as volunteers in key public organizations. We have acted as truthful advisors to Government, always tendering views that reflect the wishes of our people while bearing in mind the importance the overall interest of Hong Kong.

After reunification with our Motherland, we have established effective communication with the Central Government. We believe maintaining constant dialogue with leaders in Beijing is important. We also believe that the promise of 'One country two systems, Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong' offers opportunity and room for the high degree of autonomy for our own people to develop the governmental system best suited for Hong Kong.

In October 2003, the Liberal Party announced our new initiatives to widen our public representation by recruiting new members, extending our services in the districts, and promoting our economic policy that would lead to a better quality of life.

Looking ahead, our pledge to work for a better Hong Kong remains steadfast and strong. Let our continuous efforts in this regard show how much we love our city and our country.